Our Sponsors

The Melbourne Sporting Partnership, the MSP Management Committee, and our member clubs would like to thank to the following donors whose kind contributions helped to make the new clubhouse fit for purpose on completion in 2016.

Mair and Alan Aitkenhead

Alan and Anita

Rob Belk

Celia and Chris Brookes

Patricia and Barrie Cheshire

Exors of Eddie Cook dec’d

DGS Hardware Ltd

Brenda and Colin Earp

Brenda and Peter Hanks

Ann and John Harrison

Caroline and Dominic Harrison

Stephanie and John Harrison

Jim Hewlett

Jenny and Steve Hollingsworth

Stephanie and Gordon Hughes

Andrew Jackson

Sallie and Peter Jackson

Jeani Accessories Ltd

Lord and Lady Kerr

Griselda and William Kerr

Kings Newton Storage

Sarah and Roger Kington

Susan Long

Patricia Milham

Margaret and Christian Murray-Leslie

Susan Pilkington

Rotary Club of Melbourne

Peter Newbury

J Oxspring

Deb and Paul Savage

Margaret and Bill Sharp

Liz and Lionel Smith

Staunton Harold Nursery

The One Off

Barbara and Brian Toon

Paul Toon

Miwango and Derek Whitworth

Our thanks again go to those listed.

If you would like to contribute to the Melbourne Sporting Partnership, see our Donate Page